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Why Do You Have Ants Despite Having a Clean House?

May 16

Do you have ants despite your best efforts to keep them away? Maybe you've made sure there are no food crumbs in your kitchen, bedroom, or other rooms of your house. Despite this, they continue to show up. They haven't penetrated your home only for the purpose of stealing food. Ants are well-known for being superb hunters, not only for food but for a variety of other reasons. These extra factors will be discussed in this post so that you can gain a better understanding of ants. You will be able to protect yourself and your property from ant looting as you learn more about them with Pete's Pest Patrol's exterminator in Athens, GA.


You Have Ants That Eat Decaying Wood

Do you live in a wood-frame structure or have wood carpentry in your home? Because most dwellings have some timber structure surrounding and within them, the answer is unmistakably YES. Carpenter ants get their name from the fact that they build their nests out of scraped wood. Carpenter ants devour decaying wood, therefore it's crucial to identify the ants you're dealing with correctly. Carpenter ants have the capacity to degrade house construction, resulting in significant property damage to homes and other structures. Our exterminator in Athens, GA can help you get rid of ants in your home.


Ants Are On The Lookout For Something To Eat

Ants, like other insects, need food to survive. Many ant species in Athens, GA are attracted to sweet, sugary, and starchy foods commonly found in kitchen pantries. These items can draw ants into your home, particularly if they're stored in containers that aren't completely sealed or can be chewed through, such as sugar sacks or plastic cereal bags.


Ants Require Protection from Extreme Weather

Another reason ants may be attracted to your home is that it gives protection from excessive heat or cold. Several research have suggested that ant infestations are linked to the weather. Infestations appear to be more likely during periods of excessive rainfall or dry, hot, drought-like conditions. It's not quite clear why this is the case. The most likely explanation is that they are avoiding cold, rainy weather or that they have discovered a water supply in your home during dry, hotter periods. Consider whether there is a link between your ant infestation and recent weather events such as floods, heat waves, or frost.


Ants Are On The Lookout For A Water Source

Ants, like all living things, are thirsty creatures who are continually on the lookout for water sources. Any standing water on or near your property may attract ants, making it easier for them to settle. Ants, like humans, need water to survive. If water is no longer available in their colonies, they will seek out new sources of supply. That is why, even if there is no food nearby, ants will be lured to high humidity levels in your home.


Ants are a nuisance all year, but they're most busy in the spring and summer, leaving many people wondering, "What causes ants in my house?" If we only had a $1 for every time we've been asked that question...

We wish there was a single explanation for why ants infiltrate our homes, but there isn't one. However, understanding what attracts them can help you start battling your ant infestation piece by piece.


Although different ant preventive techniques and DIYs can help lower the likelihood of an ant infestation, they cannot guarantee that your home will be ant-free at all times. Because getting rid of ants on your own can be tough, Pete's Pest Patrol can help you deal with a serious infestation. There are many different types of ants in Athens, GA, and no single ant treatment will work for all of them. Our ant exterminator can determine the type of ants you're dealing with and build a personalized pest control plan to get rid of them from your property. Call us today!