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Tips for Bird Control

Oct 18

Many pest controllers get frustrated when trying to control birds. We know it can be frustrating. These 3 Pro Tips will make your job much easier.

  1. Properly Disinfect

Bird pheromones are a factor in bird behavior. The birds that have been bred generations will most likely return to their nesting sites. You can remove all bird waste safely and eliminate any odors with a product that contains the correct ingredients to erase the pheromone impression. There are many cleaning products that work. Make sure you are knowledgeable about which cleaning products deliver lasting results.

  1. Hot Spot Treatments

If you are working on a complex job with birds, it is smarter to create a 'hot spot area' for treatment. For long-term success and proper results, it is important to communicate your plan with your customer to create a testing zone. This smart strategy will make you both more money and save you labor.


Always seek professional advice if your complicated projects are not easy or you are new at bird work. You will be guided to the correct solution by someone who is knowledgeable in bird biology. The relationship you have with your go-to person will continue to help you get new bird jobs, while also saving you time and helping you manage other aspects of your busy schedule.

Pest birds have been devastating crops, commercial buildings, warehouses, personal property, recreation areas, and other properties for many decades. The bird control industry continues to innovate and install new technology solutions. Our goal is to help property owners solve these issues and improve the protection of their property and all those who use it.

New products can be difficult to trust by property owners, or by specialists in bird control. Even tried-and true products like bird spikes or shock wire can still be effective. The goal of a primary goal can be achieved more efficiently with new technology. A clear explanation is key to building trust when new technology is recommended for bird control.

Top New Technology Solutions for Bird Control

All industries have technology that can solve old problems. Bird control is no different. Eagle Eye and Optical Gel stand out as the two most important innovations in the bird control industry.

While they are two very different products Eagle Eye as well as Optical Gel rely upon the reflection of ultraviolet rays in order to deter birds from particular areas. It is possible to choose the right solution for you based on how each product works.

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye, a deterrent product for birds in open spaces, is the first product to successfully keep birds away from buildings. It is intended to be used in an emergency where there isn't yet a high bird pressure. It is a combination of multiple devices that work together to create a deterrent in the airspace. Eagle Eye reflects sunlight in a pattern that makes birds feel threatened and helps to divert birds from approaching.

Optical gel

Optical Gel can be used as a multisensory deterrent to discourage birds from landing or roosting. It reflects UV rays to create an optical illusion. The small dish contains natural materials like beeswax, peppermint oils, agar, and citronella. The Opticalgel disc is currently the best-tested and most reliable bird repellent. It is high-pressure, multisensory, professional grade, and has been tested. It is GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) and contains no pesticides.

The Benefits of Using New Technology Solutions to Control Birds

A bird control specialist must be confident in making recommendations that will meet the customer's requirements. It can be difficult, however, to explain why new products are more effective and efficient.

Property owners who have been reliant on spikes, nets, or any other exclusionary product for decades may find that newer solutions seem like a gimmick and likely to fail. Even the most experienced professionals might have trouble believing in new technology. Eagle Eye, Optical Gel and other solutions have unique properties.

These products are valuable and worth the effort. It's also important to understand how they achieve their goal of deterring pest birds. Eagle Eye has a long-range effect. It deters birds by reflecting light to produce flashes in a menacing manner. Optical Gel is a short-range deterrent and exclusionary agent. It reflects sunlight towards birds within a tenth of its length.

Why Does Reflection Effectively Deter Birds?

Eagle Eye and Optical Gel can be used in different circumstances. Both depend on the reflected sunlight to deter birds. Sunlight isn't a problem for birds; however, sunlight can create patterns that mimic the threats faced by birds in their natural environment.

Common descriptions of how birds see optical illusions created in Eagle Eye and Optical Gel are available. Eagle Eye creates shadows and reflections that mimic what birds see when a predator is hovering above them. Optical Gel is described by many birds as smoke or flames. These descriptions can make it difficult to believe that such a product is useful.

Truth is, there is no way to tell how birds can perceive different reflections of the sun’s rays. But we do know that in flight, reflections disorient birds. Birds can become irritated by UV rays when the sun's light is reflected off these products. This causes birds to alter their course. In this way, the bird can no longer view a large area or specific ledges as attractive places to visit or make their homes.

New tools that deliver better results

Exclusionary products such netting and spikes have proven effective in bird control for decades. Sometimes, new technology combined with other methods can provide a more cost-effective and comprehensive solution.

Eagle Eye and Optical Gel share a significant advantage: they both deter birds flying. Property owners can now stop pest bird problems before they start. This is significant because it greatly reduces the cost of damage from pest bird.

However, this benefit has one drawback: Reflective solutions alone are not effective in high-bird pressure environments where birds have already begun nesting. Optical Gel offers multi-sensory capabilities that take deterrence one step further. Birds are also sensitive to the sticky texture and smell of Optical gel. Optical Gel has been approved for use in all types of bird pressure situations. Properly installed, it has a 100% efficacy.

Overcoming Customer Hesitance

Proprietors are often reluctant to look for new solutions. However, traditional solutions can be effective in solving the problem. These products may have some advantages that customers should know about. Eagle Eye, and Optical Gel both provide visually appealing solutions for property owners that work well and provide a complete solution that never draws attention to the fact that a problem has ever existed.

It is important to make informed decisions when it comes time to implement effective pest bird management solutions. It is crucial that pest control specialists are well-informed before they begin any project. This will ensure the highest quality service. Solid Avian Solutions is here to help.

Solid Avian Solutions

Solid Avian Solutions leads the charge in preventing birds landing, nesting, and roosting. We have a specialization in urban bird management to eradicate birds safely and humanely. Our website, , hosts a wealth of content to help people understand and identify bird control solutions for various problems with pest birds.


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