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The Arcady: A Symphony of Urban Elegance & Tranquility in District 12

Oct 28


In the heart of Singapore’s bustling District 12 lies a sanctuary of sophistication - The Arcady. A breathtaking blend of contemporary design and serene ambiance, it marks its presence just a hop, skip, and jump away from Boon Keng MRT.

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The Arcady's Premium Spot:
Resting gracefully on the illustrious grounds of the former Euro-Asia Apartments, The Arcady boasts an unparalleled freehold status. But what’s the buzz about its location? The key lies in its prime placement within the lively vibes of Boon Keng and Bendemeer, making it a hot property for potential homeowners.

Connectivity? It’s All Here!
Ever thought of a place where the city's essence is at your doorstep? With The Arcady, you're smack in the middle of it all. From buzzing business districts, shopping havens, to gourmet destinations - everything's just around the corner. And if you're wondering about the commute, the Boon Keng MRT ensures smooth sailing.

The Arcady’s Architectural Marvel

From Euro-Asia Apartments to The Arcady:
Gone are the days of the old Euro-Asia Apartments. Today, 1037 Serangoon Road is home to The Arcady’s magnificent edifice, portraying a seamless fusion of innovation and tranquility.

Just a Quick Walk Away!
Imagine an abode that's a mere 6-minute stroll from the Boon Keng MRT station. Whether you're planning a day out in Little India or a shopping spree at Dhoby Ghaut, The Arcady offers hassle-free connectivity.

For the Future: Schools Galore

Nurturing Young Minds:
Every parent's dream? Top-notch educational institutions right in their backyard. And with The Arcady, this isn't a distant dream. From the esteemed St. Andrew’s Junior School and Hong Wen School to Bendemeer Primary School, the commitment to quality education is clear as day.

Facilities & Amenities: A Class Apart

Leisure at its Best:
Dive into relaxation with The Arcady’s infinity pool, giving the illusion of touching the sky. Or maybe, hosting an elegant soirée at the rooftop lounge is more your style? With the city lights as your backdrop, make memories that last a lifetime.

For the Fitness Fanatics:
Bid adieu to the day's fatigue at our avant-garde fitness center. Top it off with a calming session at the spa. The Arcady promises a holistic experience, ensuring every resident's well-being is catered to.

Home Designs: Where Dreams Reside

Variety is the Spice of Life:
From cozy 1-bedroom apartments to lavish 4-bedroom homes, The Arcady doesn’t just offer a house, but a home that resonates with your dreams. Be it kickstarting marital bliss or eyeing a smart investment, we've got you covered.

Elegance in Every Corner:
Every inch of The Arcady speaks of opulence. With a palette dominated by wood, marble, and metallic hues, it's a canvas waiting for your personal touch. What's more? Each unit is adorned with luxurious fittings, merging quality with aesthetic appeal.

Why The Arcady Stands Out

Meticulousness in Every Detail:
The Arcady isn’t just about upscale living. It's a testament to impeccable design tailored for the discerning resident. Each space is crafted to optimize the stunning views and ensure efficient utilization of floor space. In essence, life at The Arcady isn’t just good - it's exceptional.


Q: Where is The Arcady located?
A: It's situated at 1037 Serangoon Road, District 12, Singapore.

Q: How far is it from Boon Keng MRT?
A: Just a brisk 6-minute walk!

Q: Is it a freehold property?
A: Absolutely! The Arcady enjoys the exclusivity of freehold status.

Q: How many units are available?
A: The development has the potential to house 172 units.

Q: Are there any schools nearby?
A: Yes, schools like St. Andrew’s Junior School and Hong Wen School are within a 1km radius.

Q: What amenities does The Arcady offer?
A: From an infinity pool and rooftop lounge to a state-of-the-art fitness center and spa, The Arcady ensures a luxurious lifestyle for its residents.


The Arcady isn’t just another residential development in Singapore’s District 12. It's a paradigm of luxurious living, offering an unparalleled blend of comfort, convenience, and chic urban design. If you're looking for a home that mirrors your aspirations, The Arcady might just be your dream come true.